May 31, 2011

Do you have a backup plan?

Over the past few months I have learned that I have to have a backup plan when it comes to shopping. In order to get the awesome freebies with my coupons, I need more than one location to shop at. I spend a lot of time at Dollar General as you have seen demonstrated in my freebie shopping trips posts, but sometimes they are out of stock and I have to move on to the next location. Thankfully, I live pretty close to (4) Dollar Generals locations. Why does any of this matter? Let me explain... I have determined that you need at least 3 separate locations of your favorite store.  

  • A Permanent store (This is the location you most frequent)

  • A Backup store (If your first store is outta stock, this is your fall back)

  • A Sleeper store (This is the gem, a diamond in the rough)

The permanent store is the one closest to you and the one you most rely upon, but when they don't have what you need, that is where your backup store comes into play. The backup store is just that, your trusted backup. But the best one is the "Sleeper" store, this is the one that no one really knows about because it's off the beaten path and not in a heavily populated area. These sleeper stores usually have an abundance of the products you need. I highly recommend having at least three of each of your favorite stores committed to memory. Don't laugh too hard, I know it sounds a bit strange, but this method has worked for me time and time again. Just today, I had to shop at my Sleeper store to get the Degree deodorants on my freebie shopping list. In the interest of fairness, I do tell all my family and friends about this method, but I don't reveal my Sleeper store, that's my secret weapon! Give it a try, you'll be glad you did.

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