May 24, 2011

Try it Tuesday (Lint wars)

Old school vs. New school

In the never ending battle against lint there a number of different products on the market that may or may not get the job done. When you live in a household with pets like mine, you definitely need to have one of these items on hand. But which one is best? The lint brush or the lint roller? Both are quite inexpensive, but are they equally effective? I must say, I definitely have a preference for one of them but we'll get to that later. From a very young age, my parents had always used a lint brush, they swore by it, but as I got older the lint brush seemed a bit lame to me, so I grabbed a wad of packing tape, rolled it around my hand and began patting myself down and voila it worked. A few weeks ago, I purchased one of each and decided to test them out on my couches to see which one came out victorious.


So I needed a test subject, needless to say Meatball was happy to oblige. I started out with the lint roller and it worked great for the first few minutes, but quickly became a daunting task with having to continue peeling the old pieces of adhesive paper off, and after a while some of the lint would fall off of the roller because the adhesive was no longer collecting the particles. Time to move on to the lint brush, it was a bit confusing at first because I wasn't sure if I should go with or against the grain. (Must go against the grain). Suddenly my microfiber chair looked like new! (For those of you that enjoy the vacuum lines in your carpet, the lint brush gives a similar affect and that was an awesome bonus). The lint brush works quite effectively on fabric and you don't have to worry about lint being left behind and it was easy to clean.

For me, the lint brush was the clear winner, but with that being said, when you're in a pinch the lint roller is useful, I keep a mini roller in my purse since it is compact and travel friendly, but when I have a big job, I rely on my old & faithful lint brush. For those of you in the market for a lint brush or roller, I found both at Dollar Tree! 

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