May 19, 2011

Tough love, just what I needed

It's been two weeks since I last set foot into my favorite thrift store and it's been such a challenge to stop myself from hopping in the car with my $10 mad money budget to spend it. But it's all been for a purpose, I realized that by staying out of the stores I was learning an important lesson in being a good steward of Gods money. As much as it pained me to know that I was likely missing out on some really awesome deals, I was reminded that in abstaining from shopping that I was able to save my two week budget of $20 plus the gas to get there. I was also reminded that an awesome deal should not be my priority over God. This past month has been quite a financial struggle, but in the midst of it, God stepped in and showed me He is God. We scored so many freebie deals, He brought more car repair business to our household and more hours at my husbands day job. 

So what that I gave up a few weeks of thrift shopping, the money I didn't spend helped to put gas in the car and in the obedience, God provided more than enough. Thank you Jesus for being our provider.

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