May 22, 2011

Going Freebie Shopping!

Church is over, our coupons are clipped and organized, now time to go on our second freebie shopping trip for today. I plan on heading back to Dollar General and Walmart to see what I can get for free or close to free. Early this morning, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow couponer at Walmart, I noticed her coupons were neatly organized in her binder and she was ready for some great deals. After a little discussion, we noticed that Walmart has raised their prices on body washes and deodorants in the past 3 weeks. We lamented over the fact that Florida is not a double couponing state and how we wished it was. It was nice to see other ethical couponers out there getting their freebies and great deals early. 

Have you noticed a price increase on toiletries recently at your favorite store? Let me know, I'd love to hear from you! I will be posting photos this evening, till then, have a great afternoon.

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