May 31, 2011

Went freebie shopping!

What a deal! We got 20 bottles of Degree deodorant @ Dollar General today. 

20 Degree deodorant @ $1.00 each (I had 10 BOGO coupons)=$10.00 

Can you believe it? The deodorant was already marked down to $1.00 coupled with the BOGO coupon, if my math is correct, that works out to .50 cents a bottleThe original price of the mens deodorant is $2.50 but was marked down to $1.00. The original price of the womens deodorant is $2.25 but was marked down to $1.00.

Total retail value before discounts= $47.50
Total OOP expense= $10.00


  1. Great job on the cheap deodorant! My dollar general doesnt have does not offer it for that price.


  2. Jack,

    Thank you so much for your comment, I appreciate your interest in Grace Saved. I have to say that's a real shame that your local DG doesn't have it for that price. You may wanna check Walmart, they often have decent prices. Let me know if you can score some good deals!


  3. Thanks for LINKing UP. Great savings. I can only buy Degree. I will check this out.