May 23, 2011

Coupon Organization

So you've clipped your coupons, you've got your coupon pouch in hand, now it's time to organize them. Usually, coupon pouches come with tabs that you can easily label to meet your household needs. I use a very simple method for organizing my coupons that I think may help you too, here are the headers I use below.

You can go a step further and break it down to canned goods or dry foods etc.

I include deodorant, body wash/soaps, shavers, hair care products, toothpaste & brushes, feminine products.

I include dry food, litter, treats.

Cleaning Supplies
I Include detergents, fabric softener, bleach, furniture polish, window cleaner etc.

Paper Goods
I include paper towels, toilet paper, wipes.

I include OTC medications and prescriptions.

Rain Checks
This is a must have! Keep your corresponding coupons attached with rain check if that applies.

Sunscreen, bug repellent, Michaels coupons, etc.

Pretty self explanatory 

Walgreens/Dollar General/Walmart
This tab can be adjusted to whatever your favorite most frequented stores are.

Did you get an awesome promo coupon in the mail for a free sample? This would be the place for that.

Use your discretion in labeling your tabs, in addition to labeling, I also paper clip similar coupons or those I have multiples of, that way when you get to the store, you won't have to fumble through your pouch to locate them. I hope this helps you in your couponing journey.

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