May 18, 2011

Great neighbor!

Ever seen that old classic movie "The Burbs", it's a story about some pretty strange neighbors that moved into a quiet and unassuming suburb, (I won't give away the rest in case you haven't seen it). On the other end of the spectrum, what if you have great neighbors? I have a neighbor that upon meeting my husband and I, came into our home and fixed the drywall in our bedroom, today he noticed my husband was struggling with a car repair and came right over to help, the list is much longer than just these two instances. When we try to pay him for his help, he refuses to accept it, and the most he has ever asked us to do for him was to watch over his home while he was away on vacation. We are so blessed to have such a great neighbor, I hope you have the opportunity to be a great neighbor and to have one too.

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