May 22, 2011

Went freebie shopping!

Today was a wonderful day for freebies. We went shopping at Dollar General and Walmart and got some great deals.  Many of the items we were able to get today are NOT pictured here, I'll explain more below.

Dollar General
10 Suave deodorants @ $1.00 (I had 10 .50 cent off coupons)= $5.00
10 Suave body washes @ $2.00 (I had 10 BOGO coupons but only used 5)= $10.00

Here is the best part! The Suave body wash coupons were valued up to $3 off which gave an overage of $5.00 which paid for the Suave Deodorants. So our total out of pocket at Dollar General was $10.00. I didn't use the remaining BOGO coupons to make sure that other couponers and shoppers had the chance to buy some too.

8 packs of Noxzema shavers @ $2.67 (I had 8 $2.00 off coupons)= $5.36
Retail Value= $21.36

All of the shavers, three of the body washes & four of the deodorants are not pictured above, they were donated to a church family member & a dear friend of mine that is a single mom. It was such a great feeling to be able to share the bounty with others. 

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