June 26, 2013

Life Updates...

I previously shared the excitement of purchasing a new car, the pros and cons and the pains of a new car payment. Thank fully, the excitement hasn’t disappeared and the vehicle (named Mumford) is driving like a champ. I am also so pleased that my older car, (Kermit) is also running so well.

There have been a great many changes, challenges and joys that have come our way. It was an unexpected decision to take a break from blogging, part of the changes that took place and work demands have kept me from doing what I enjoy.

The emergency fund almost took another hit yesterday when we rushed our cat, Zoe to the hospital. $350.00 dollars later, we were quite grateful that the treatment is simple, and we were able to get her back home within an hour. We elected to apply for “Care Credit” for animals and received a fair credit line with no interest if paid in full with in 6 months. Aside from the new car, we have not established any new lines of credit in 5 years. Ultimately, it came down to having this credit line for any future veterinary needs for any of our three cats. We are confident with our trust in God supplying for our needs that we will be able to pay it in full with out paying a penny of interest. Though it was frustrating to have to consider dipping into the emergency fund, I am so thankful that it is there for such unforeseen challenges.

Another challenge I was facing was staying focused. I needed to make a change for my sanity and for my job. I have been working hard at becoming more organized with my time and paperwork. I’ve found that it has helped me tremendously and has enhanced my ability to stay productive.

One of the personal goals I am working hard on is to pay off the new car loan in 3 years rather than 4. My husband and I discussed reaffirming our commitment to saving money and cutting back on non essentials so that we can achieve this goal. It will demand a lot of sacrifice but we know that in the end, it will be worth it.

That’s just a brief update, there’s much more to come.

June 25, 2013

What a gift!

I truly believe in my heart that the job I have is appointed by God. I’ve been blessed in more ways than I can count. Some have been blessings from co-workers, some by customers or even just by my actual work itself.

Each day, my co-worker and I help seven salesman achieve their goals by billing their daily sales. Sometimes it’s a frustrating and overwhelming job, other days we can all laugh together like old friends.

My position at times feels like a “Thankless job”, but the truth is that it should not be about what I can get out of it, but rather, what I can bring to it.

Since I started in October 2011, I have been treated like a Queen. I stopped counting how many times I’ve been treated to lunch, received kind and encouraging words and have been lavished with gift cards.

My husband always pokes fun at how spoiled I am at work. I chuckle because he is right and I am so grateful that I have a job filled with giving people. On more than one occasion, those gifts have been used for date nights with my husband, or even used for a gift to pass along to a person in need.

But just today, my co-worker and I receive an extravagant gift. One that makes your jaw drop and makes you want to refuse it because it’s just too good.

One of our salesman happened to be out of town for a sales meeting and on his way back home he stopped at Dooney & Bourke. He bought us each a beautiful and authentic wristlet wallet. I could not believe my eyes.

I am floored by the thought of the gift because I know it’s true value, but I am humbled by the fact that he thought so highly of us. I am more humbled that my Lord and Savior thought so highly of me to have placed me in a job that has given more than I deserve.

June 24, 2013

What a month!!!

IMAG0181.jpg IMAG0183.jpg IMAG0182.jpg 

What a busy few weeks it has been! There have been many changes that have taken place and I’m grateful to say they have all been positive.

I bought a “new to me” car, a 2005 Ford Escape XLT. I was pleased with the mileage, the mechanical condition, the physical condition and the price. Though I am not excited about the MPG, I’m happy because it has every feature I wanted and more. It was definitely worth waiting 12 years to buy a new car.

I am especially grateful that my old car is still going strong J. My husband is very happy to have a car of his own and it makes our work schedules much more manageable.

The hubby found a new job! I’m very proud of his hard work. He pounded the pavement, networked and through a great tip, he found a job that he is happy and fulfilled with.

My job has kept me very busy! Now, with a new car payment, I need to remain busy because I plan on paying an additional $20-25 dollars per month so that I can condense my loan from 48 months to 24 months. My emergency fund took a beating with the down payment and Drivers License renewal, but I’m proud to say that I did not exhaust my entire savings.
Can I tell you how grateful I am that I have been contributing money to my Health Savings Account. Each week I add $10 and had saved $230.00. Well, yesterday my husband needed an emergency wisdom tooth extraction. What a blessing this turned out to be, had it not been for the H.S.A. he would have had to dip into the savings account. It made me realize what a great benefit it is & I will continue to utilize in the future.

I turned 34 this month and received such wonderful birthday wishes and unexpected gifts. I’m thankful for the years the Lord have given me and even more thankful that He showers me with Grace & Mercy every day.

Side income has been going pretty well, I’m kinda surprised because I haven’t done much to help it to increase. Here’s how it looks as of 6/24/13…

Swagbucks 4,800 points ($50 gift card)
Shopkicks 12,803 points ($50 gift card)
Inbox Dollars $30.00 (via check)
Panda $34.80 (via paypal)
My Coke Rewards 614 points
Amazon ($44 gift card)
Health Savings Account $35 ($10 weekly contribution, previous balance $230.00, used $201.00 & $14 for RX for emergency tooth extraction).
Emergency Fund $751.02 (Used $1k for down payment on new car & fees).