May 23, 2011

The cost of forgetfulness...

You walked into the grocery store, piled your cart full, got home and started unpacking and suddenly it hits you, you forgot to pick up the dry cleaning on your way to the grocery store. Now you're faced with making a second trip out in the middle of rush hour traffic. These types of mishaps can be avoided with a simple To Do List.  It's such an easy and wonderful tool, not to mention it's a time and money saver. Believe it or not, forgetfulness is very costly! When you leave home without your To Do list, you risk forgetting your very important & time sensitive tasks.  

I'm speaking from experience, for far too long I wouldn't set aside the 5 minutes it took to write down my tasks for the day and ended spending more money because when I did finally remember, I had to jump back into the car and go take care of it at the last minute. What with gas prices being so high, I don't have the luxury of making a second trip. Now, here are the benefits of establishing a To Do List.

~You experience a rewarding sense of accomplishment when you complete all the tasks your list.

~You are motivated to continue writing down your daily tasks thus saving you money.

~You get better sleep and gain peace of mind knowing that you didn't forget anything.

~It helps you with time management & increases your productivity.

~It's a confidence booster.

~It creates accountability.

~It's a stress reliever.

~It allows you to prioritize the needs of the day.

Now if those benefits are not reason enough to start a To Do list, then I don't know what is. Give it a try, it may be worth your while!

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