June 04, 2011

Dad's garden

This week I had planned a feature of my fathers garden, we were gonna take pictures and talk about what he has been planted, but first it was breakfast time. As we sat down to eat he asked me to pass the syrup, of course I was happy to oblige until I saw the stray he picked up outside.

I almost fell off my chair! With a straight face he said WHAT?!? LIke it was common practice to bring a wild snake into the house & set it at the breakfast table. Thankfully he safely placed it into a container where it could not be harmed nor harm us, but needless to say it was a heck of a surprise. After a little bit of research we found out this snake is called a "Corn Snake" or "Red Rat Snake", the scientific classification is (Elaphe guttata). It's non venomous and indigenous to Georgia & Florida. We don't believe in harming animals so naturally we set it free in his garden once we determined that it was not venomous. My husband did the honors as I was way too chicken to go near it.

In no time it was back in it's natural habitat & quickly made its way up the tree. It was an impromptu & very unexpected reptile lesson. As for Dads vegetable garden story, we'll leave that for another day, this turned out to be a better story than either of us could have hoped for.

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