June 15, 2011

Cats scored big deals!

Today, it was all about our cats at Petsmart, with coupons in hand we were hoping for a good deal, but walked out with an Awesome deal thanks in part to a keen eyed husband and a very patient cashier.

Normally we purchase full sized 8lb canisters of Exquisicat Litter that retail for $14.99 each, however the hubs spotted the smaller 4lb canisters which normally retail for $9.99 on clearance for $5.00 each. We used 2 Pet Supermarket Competitor coupons and 5 Petsmart coupons to get the deal. Here's how it turned out...

5 cans of cat litter on clearance for $5.00 each (I had five $3.00 off coupons) making each can $2.00 a piece or $10.00 total.

4 cans of cat litter on clearance for $5.00 each (I had 2 Competitor coupons for $2.00 off my purchase of $10.00 or more)= $16.00.

Total Retail Value= $81.00
Total OOP Expense= $26.00

I found the $3 off Exquisicat coupons on my Pet perks account on Petsmarts website. They have many valuable coupons for food, treats, toys & more. Go to Petperks and log into your account.

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