June 04, 2011

12 Frugal Summer Fun Ideas

With summer around the bend it's time to plan some frugal & fun activities for the family. Here are 12 ideas to help kick start your wonderful summer fun!

1. Have a fun day at the park! Many parks often have a variety of free activities from canoeing, biking & hiking trails, covered picnic areas & much more.

2. Have a movie night at home, stop by the Redbox DVD & pick up a flick. Enjoy your movie with some of your favorite snacks .

3. Hit the lanes! Many bowling alleys offer free summer programs for kids and discounts for parents.

4. Sprinklers in the backyard! It's a flashback to your childhood, put on your bathing suits & turn on the hose.

5. Have a water balloon fight! 

6. Enjoy a vintage car show, check your local community calendar or chamber of commerce for dates and locations.

7. Make home made ice cube Popsicles, these sweet treats are sure to keep you cool on those hot summer days.

8. Throw a potluck BBQ, invite friends over for a great time of food and fellowship. Create a sign up list of stuff that people can bring.

9. Learn a new craft, Michaels & Joann's offer many free classes for kids, teens & adults.

10. Volunteer yourself! There is such a great and rewarding joy in helping others by volunteering. Sign up with your local chapter of the United Way, they have an array of individual and family oriented volunteer opportunities.

11. Make homemade ice cream sandwiches... YUM! Bake your favorite cookies and let cool, put a scoop of your favorite flavored ice cream between the cookies & freeze, 2-4 hours later they are ready to eat!

12. Take in a matinee, but first stop by your local Dollar Tree to pick up your snacks (i.e. goobers, mike & ike, milk duds). Matinees are much cheaper & the same name brand snacks are only $1 compared to those purchased at the theater.

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