June 12, 2011

Freebie Shopping Trip #2

Freebie shopping trip #2 took us to Walgreens, here's what we scored.

12 bottles of Bayer Advanced Aspirin @ $3.00 each (I had twelve $2.00 off coupons)= $12.00. I had to do twelve separate transactions to get $1.00 each in Register Rewards for a total of $12 RR, good towards my future purchases.

Total Retail Value= $36.00
Total OOP Expense= $12.00
Total back in RR= $12.00 towards future purchases
Total back in Bayer Advanced Rebates= $12.00 which makes this totally FREE!

4 sticks of Mitchum Advance Control Deodorant @ $2.99, Wags had an In Ad coupon making each stick $1.99 (I had four .75 cents off coupons)= $4.96

3 Walgreens Cleaning Wipes @ $3.00 that were on Unadvertised sale for $1.99 (I used 3 RR)= $2.97

Total Retail Value= $20.96
Total OOP Expense= $7.93

You may ask why I didn't use my other RR towards the Mitchum & Wags cleaning wipes, the reason being is that when you use a MFR coupon on an item such as those that were used on the Mitchum, you may not then use a RR towards it. In addition, I could only use 1 RR on each of the 3 Wags cleaners.

*BONUS #1* I didn't have to pay a penny of the $7.93 due to having a birthday gift card given to me by my Aunt Brenda! xoxo

*BONUS #2* I still have $9 in RR to spend for my next shopping trip!

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