June 09, 2011

15 Common Money Mistakes

I'm a huge fan of Consumer Reports Shop Smart Magazine! I have found a wealth of information that has benefited my pocketbook immensely. I just finished reading an article on the 15 Common Money Mistakes in this months issue. 

  • Misplacing receipts
  • Getting talked into buying an extended warranty
  • Not checking for coupons or coupon codes before purchase
  • Missing the "all sales final" sign or not checking return policy
  • Ignoring user reviews
  • Buying stuff you later decide you don't want & failing to return it
  • Impulse buying & not comparison shopping
  • Not watching the register to ensure items ring up correctly
  • Buying clothes without trying them on
  • Ordering online without factoring in shipping cost
  • Not checking expiration dates
  • Grocery shopping when hungry
  • Buying an item you don't need just cause it's on sale
  • Forgetting to mail in a rebate
  • Taking tags off a new purchase before trying it on or trying it out

These are great tips, many of which I have been guilty of in the past (especially grocery shopping while hungry). I have found many useful articles that have provided an abundance of information that I incorporate daily. You can find Shop Smart Magazine at your local Dollar General and other popular retailers, give it a try, you'll be glad you did!

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