June 10, 2011

Camping on the cheap...

I haven't gone camping in 7 years and I'm the first to admit that I'm not really the "outdoorsie" type. But for the past month, I've had a real desire to go camping. Needless to say it didn't take much to convince my husband, he wanted to pack up the car last night, but as any organized woman knows, there is planning that needs to take place first. After much discussion, we decided that our camping trip would take place closer to the end of this month. That gives me enough time to plan a fun camping trip on the cheap. When it comes to camping, it's not at all difficult to keep expenses at a minimum with a bit of help. We've allotted $50 to finance this trip and so far we are under budget. The greatest help in keeping our modest budget in tact are due to the loaners coming from our family and friends. Also, the campsite we selected is 10 miles from home which helps keep our fuel costs down. Below is what we have secured so far...

Entry to campsite $12.00

Camping Tent (Loaner from Dad) Free

Sleeping Bags (Loaners from Friends) Free

All food & snacks are coming from home

Styrofoam Cooler (Gift from Dad) Free

Skillet & Fryer (From our kitchen) No cost

Charcoal (Gift from Dad which were left overs from Easter party) Free

Cups/Silverware/Plates (Left overs we purchased for Easter party) Free

First aid kit/bug repellent (home made) Free

As our trip approaches, I suspect that more things may pop up, but we are steadfast in remaining true to our budget. Of course I'm aware that not everyone can rely on family and friends to provide loaners, but it's not impossible to plan a camping trip for very little money.

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