June 06, 2011

The joy of chores

I know many may not agree with that statement, but there is something positive to be said about doing chores. I grew up in an age where housework was as important as going to church, there was no way out of it! My mother forced me to skip watching my Saturday cartoons to help her clean the house, and I resented every minute of it. As I got older and it was time to establish my own household, I realized that maybe mom was just trying to prepare me to become a more organized woman, whatever her reasons were, I'm glad she took the time to teach me. 

I find that I can be a go-getter some days & a procrastinator on others, it depends on my mood. I also know that when I'm determined to clean up and organize the house, that listening to music sure helps the time go by faster, not to mention that the chores don't really feel like chores anymore. Another lesson I learned was that it's a bad idea to save all the work for one day, I much prefer setting aside an hour or two a day to get things done. It became easier when I bought a dry erase board at Goodwill for $2.00 and scheduled a few chores for each day, it's less daunting than having a huge list to be completed all on one day. Here's an example of how to set up your chore chart.

Mondays (Clean windows, polish furniture, sweep floors)

Tuesdays (Clean restroom, mop floors, 2 loads of laundry)

Wednesdays (Vacuum floors, iron clothes, organize closets/pantry, dust furniture)

Thursdays (Magic erase walls & counters, wash sheets, clean fridge)

Fridays (I'm off, date night with the hubs)

Saturdays (Dust lighting fixtures, 2 loads of laundry, clean kitchen)

Sundays (I'm off, church & family time)

Of course, you know what works best for you & your family, so create a schedule that allows you flexibility but is also effective. 

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