June 02, 2011

Giveaway Contest Winner!

Luis D.

He provided this wonderful money saving tip for maintenance of your dryer.

"Hello Grace Saved, I just recently began to follow your blog, a church family member shared how she heard about it from other friends from her job, she's the frugal type and has been teaching me and my wife how to save money. We decided to check out the website and we came across your giveaway article, my wife is a sucker for free stuff and recalled a tip she learned years ago after battling her old W/D set. 
When using your dryer, make sure that all the lint traps are cleaned out, remove all lint before each use. Every six months, remove the lower panel to clean out the excess lint that is trapped in the blower fan. Many people don't know that a lot of the lint doesn't make it to the trap, but gets stuck in the blower fan which makes it harder to dry, causing you to dry the same load 2-3 times which wastes electricity and ends up costing you more. Not to mention it's a big fire risk. Well, that's our tip, hope we win!!!"

Thank you Luis for your great tip! Your prize will be mailed out tomorrow, we appreciate you support of Grace Saved and hope you come back often.

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