April 10, 2013

Go to savings tips!

Weatherproof your home to conserve electricity.

Start your laundry after 7pm (off peak rates).

Use a dry rack to dry clothes. It lengthens the life of your clothes & saves energy.

Skip the hot water, save money by washing your laundry in cold water.

Stop wasting power by unplugging your electronics when not in use.

Skip premium channels and switch to basic cable.

Rent movies from your library for FREE.

Ditch the land line if you have a cell phone. No need for two phone bills.

Set your thermostat lower in the winter & higher in the summer.

Use a programmable thermostat, so you never forget to adjust the temperature.

Use CFL lights instead of regular incandescent bulbs.

Shut off your water when you’re brushing your teeth, shampooing, or shaving.

Try simple repairs yourself, use free resources at Lowes & online to help you.

Carpooling isn't just for work anymore, run errands with family or friends.

Rotate your tires regularly to make them last longer.

Fill up your car when you’re down to a quarter tank.

Use smaller appliances (i.e. skillet, fry daddy) saves energy & beats the heat of the oven.

Try your hand at gardening & grow your own veggies.

Cut back on junk food. 

Use Angel Food Ministries to supplement your groceries.

Plan a weekly potluck night to use up leftovers. 

Make your own laundry detergent!

Swap hand-me-downs with family and friends, especially those with kids.

Fall in love with thrift & consignment stores.

Mend your clothes instead of trashing them (i.e. socks, buttons).

Make your own hand soap and body wash.

Wear clothing more than once between washes. Your clothes will last longer plus you'll save money by not running the washing machine as often.

Take your hunny for a walk in the park and enjoy a picnic.

Be the chef! Commit to only eating out once a month or not at all.

Make a weekly menu plan, so you don’t have a reason to eat out.

Pack your lunch for work.

Check out your local community calendar for free events (i.e. concerts and movies in the park during the summer).

Make your own home made baby wipes.

Cut your hubby's hair.

Shop the clearance racks! You can score some great birthday & Christmas gifts on the cheap! 

Ask your Doc to prescribe generic medicine. Many retailers offer generic scripts for only $4.

Kick the habit! There are endless health benefits to stop smoking, not to mention that you will save a bundle of money.

Raise your car insurance deductible.

Ask for other discounts, like safe driver and good student discounts.

Learn to haggle on everything!!!

Use cash/debit and skip the credit card. 

Do your own taxes, use programs like Tax Act, Turbo-Tax as these programs are very user friendly.

Avoid buyers remorse, ask yourself if you really need that item.

Start shopping for next Christmas now. Plan to be finished shopping by Thanksgiving so you can avoid higher prices and low quantities.

When shopping online, use Ebates. You earn a percentage back in the form of cash or a gift card.

Sign up for Swagbucks! You’ll earn virtual bucks that you can redeem for gift cards. Start now & you may be able to pay for all your Christmas presents this year with gift cards you earn from Swagbucks!

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