April 08, 2013

2013 Goals Re-mix

Financial Goals

  • Save $2500 in the Emergency Savings Fund: On Track

We currently have 50% of our emergency fund full, all extra income from mystery shopping and overtime go directly into the pot.

  • Accrue $600 in gift card for Christmas: On Track

Between Plink, Shopkicks, Swagbucks, Inbox Dollar, Panda Research, Checkpoints etc. I hope to hit this goal by summer and continue letting it get bigger by November.

Personal Goals

  • Plan a staycation in Autumn: Pending

Florida has such a rich history and scenery, we’ve kicked around a few ideas from St. Augustine to Seaworld to the Keys. Lots of big ideas, but we have yet to narrow it down.

  • Volunteering: Starting soon

I love to help others, not just family and friends, but complete strangers. I do not want to wait til the holidays come to use my time and energy to help out. I’ve contacted a local ministry that allows volunteers to help out on scheduled days. I hope to get started before Summer arrives.

Family Goals

  • Date nights with the hubby: Back by popular demand!

We’ve put this off far too long, it’s time to get back to our romantic and fun dates. What good is being married if we can't have time to appreciate each other aside from running errands. 

  • Be more active at church: Starting soon

I’ve been asked to join the Greeters ministry on a number of occasions, I’ve declined each time because I’m not a very outgoing person and shy away whenever I meet someone new. This is definitely going to cause me to step out of my comfort zone, but in order for growth, God makes us stretch in these areas to make us more receptive to his desires for us.

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