April 12, 2013

End of week totals...

This week has proven to be very lucrative in accruing side income. I'm happy with this weeks results across the board. 

  • Plink 7110 points ($70 gift card)
  • Swagbucks 4370 points ($45 gift card)
  • Shopkicks 8964 points ($25 gift card)
  • Check points 1007 points ($3 gift card)
  • Inbox Dollars $25.19 (via check)
  • Panda $25.69 (via paypal)
  • Health Savings Account $150.00 ($10 weekly contribution)
  • My Coke Rewards 309 points
  • Perkstreet Cash back perks $7
  • Amazon ($50 gift card from Christmas & Rewards)
  • Emergency Savings Fund $1340.00
I've added a couple more side income programs that I have been working on. Everything increased far beyond what I had expected, however, the biggest change was with Plink. As summer approaches, I anticipate that these programs will only increase in providing more perks, I look forward to what's in store. 

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