April 01, 2013

New fav app!

I absolutely love reading Shop Smart magazine. I have learned so much about money saving apps, tips and cost savers from the publication, it's about the only thing I'm willing to pay full price for. 

I came across "Key Ring" app for Android and IOS. It stores all of your loyalty cards in one place. No more having to lug around a heavy key chain full of plastic mini cards. This app makes it simple to add your cards and easily access them at the store of your choice. Plus, it offers great coupons for the store you are visiting. 

Another benefit is that the weight of my key chain no longer threatens my ignition from snapping. It's simple and offers peace of mind knowing you don't have to dig through your purse or wallet to find your savings card. You'll find the convenience is worth the few minutes it takes to add all your cards! 

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