April 12, 2013

52 week money saving challenge..

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I learned about this challenge on Christian Finance.com, it was intriguing and a bit intimidating at first. I decided that in addition to my $1 a day savings commitment and my weekly savings commitment, that I would try this method since it would yield greater savings. The object is to transfer the amount of money for the numbered week of the year. 
I.E. January 1st-7th would be week one of 2013, so a transfer of $1 dollar would be your goal, and as the weeks progress, the sum would increase. By week 52, you would have saved $1378.00! That's a heck of a great savings. Like I said, it can be challenging, but by implementing a few "NO SPEND DAYS" per month and cutting back on eating out, this goal can certainly be achieved. Give it a try, you might be surprised by your hard work.

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