April 08, 2013

Most Fav App!

Coupon Sherpa - Save More at Every Store

Can I just tell you how much I love this App! At times, I don't want to carry around my bulky coupon pouch, so I downloaded this app a few months back and felt a huge wait lifted off me. This App offers a huge amount of stores (big box and mom and pop). Just select the merchant you're about to visit and pick from the coupons provided. At times there are multiple coupons, so be sure you select the best one for your needs. The coupons listed are all valid and they each show the expiration dates. Just show the cashier and they will scan the bar code on your smart phone or punch in the coupon code number. 

I've used this app for a bunch of different merchants, from Kohl's to Target to Denny's and more. This has been a huge lifesaver when I've forgotten to print a coupon at the last minute. Give this a try, you'll become a big fan.

Happy Saving!

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