February 15, 2013

Short Term Goals...

So, last week we discussed the importance of setting long term goals, but let's not forget the equally important short term goal. Often times it is overlooked as unneccessary, but I've found that they help me tremendously with achieving my long term goals. As I accomplish a short term, it builds my confidence, keeps me on task and makes my future goals seem easily attainable. Here are just a few that I'm working on for February...

Short Term Goals:

  • Read (3) E-books per month (So far 1 done)
  • Obtain 500-1000 Shopkicks per month (600 collected so far)
  • Obtain 1500 Plink points per month (equals $15.00 gift card)
  • Obtain 510 Swagbucks per month (equals $5.00 amazon gift card)
  • Plan bi-weekly date night
  • Car maintenance (Tune up, Oil Change, Air Filter, Wipers)
  • Donate clothing to Salvation Army (Once a month)
The remaining time for this month is brief but I hope to have everything accomplished by the end of next week. 

What goals have you set and what methods are you using to achieve them? 

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