February 16, 2013

End of week totals... (2/15/13)

Each week I will be sharing my totals for the money I have been able to generate as my "side income". Here are this weeks totals for my favorite rewards programs...

  • Plink 2,100 points (Equals $20 gift card)

  • Shopkicks 7,027 points (Equals $25.00 gift card)

  • Swagbucks 3,193 points (Equals $35 gift card)

  • Health Savings Account $70.00 (Contribute $10 per pay check)

  • Panda Research $18.91 (Cash via Paypal)

  • Amazon gift card balance $69.51 (Received as Christmas gifts & rewards)

The programs that require the least amount of effort are Plink, Shopkicks and Swagbucks because they work according to a point system. For those cash programs that pay you via Check and Paypal, it does take some effort, but of course the more time you spend, the more money you can generate. 

One of the reasons I participate in these rewards programs is because it's a very helpful source of extra income, but the main reason I use them is because this is the money and gift cards I will be using for Christmas. We do not plan on cashing out until November 1st, so we have plenty of time to rack up some more points and cash. 

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