February 15, 2013

Publix coupons going digital

Publix has announced that they are unveiling their E-coupons program beginning in March at participating locations.
What is Publix Digital Coupons? It's a program that allows you to select digital coupons online and then redeem them when you checkout by punching in a 10-digit pin on the keypad (10 digit pin is your phone number). These electronic coupons are the same as regular paper coupons. You don't need to print them, and the values of your “clipped” coupons are automatically deducted when you physically purchase the item corresponding with the coupon. You don't have to use the digital coupons if you choose not to; Publix will still accept the exact same coupon in paper form. However, you will not be allowed to use both the same paper and digital coupon on one item. If you give a paper coupon that matches one in your digital account, they will deduct the paper coupon and the digital one will remain in your account for future use. How will it work if/when it’s rolled out in your area? According to the FAQ section on Publix’ Digital Coupon page, you must create a Publix Digital Coupons account. To create an account, you must register HERE by entering the following information:
  • 10-digit Phone Number (must be unique, will be used as your 10-digit Publix Digital Coupons account #)
  • Email Address (will be used as your Publix Digital Coupons web/mobile login name)
  • Zip Code
  • Password
  • Additionally, you will need to accept the program terms of service.
From there you will be able to log in and “clip” digital coupons, both on your home computer or on your web-enabled smart phone. With 60 coupons available to print and no limit to the amount of coupons you “clip,” this is a great way to eliminate some of the paperwork required with putting together a shopping trip and the money you save on the toner for your printer is so worth it! There are some manufacturer coupons to clip, but most are Publix store coupons – even better!
**NOTE** Coupons you “clip” digitally will be available for use immediately. This is nice for those times when you “lose” or forget a coupon at home – just log on with your smart phone and “clip” the coupon; the savings will be deducted at checkout!
Thanks Addicted to Saving!

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