February 11, 2013

Say NO to Fees

Avoid ATM fees like the plague. It’s like throwing money away…literally. Here's a few tips to help you hang on to your hard earned money:
  • Only use free ATMs, which are the ones at your banking institution. If you bank at a smaller “hometown” bank, consider switching to one with a larger ATM network (like Suntrust Bank).
  • Bank with financial institutions that will reimburse your fees (like USAA). 
  • Keep a little "mad money" at home for unforeseen outings. Instead of “running to the ATM”, we can just grab what we need.
  • Get cash back. These days, most ATM cards double as debit cards. If I need some cash, I simply use the cash back feature offered at most checkouts. Some stores will allow you to get as much as $100 back!

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