February 25, 2013

Be willing & listen...

Often times I ask God, "when will you use me Lord?". I usually don't get a response... But when He does speak, it is unmistakable. While at church yesterday, I had an impromptu conversation with the lady that brews the coffee for our congregation each Sunday. She's been through so much in the past 6 months, after having completed Chemo for Lymphoma, she is now Cancer free! She began to share with me a need for her daughter whom is attending her very first Military Ball (Obviously a very special occasion). She didn't ask me for anything, she was just sharing her story and as I sat down in the sanctuary, I spoke with my husband and asked if we could help. Of course he did not mind, but we did not have the cash readily available. As I was rifling through my purse, I was quickly reminded that I had accrued some gift cards from my "side income" that I happened to have in my wallet. I quickly tucked the cards in an envelope and quietly handed them to her.

As I walked back, I was filled with such a feeling of Joy for being able to be used as an instrument of Gods love. I realize I am not the source that met her need, only the resource. I thank God for using me. 

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