February 22, 2013

End of week totals...

It's that time again, end of week totals... Let's see how I did on generating side income this week.

  • Plink 2,420 points (equals $20 gift card)

  • Inbox Surveys $15.89 (Cash via Check)

  • Panda Surveys $19.75 (Cash via Paypal)

  • Shopkicks 7,167 points (equals $30.00 gift card)

  • Swagbucks 3,340 points (equals $35.00 gift card)

  • Health Savings Account $80.00 ($10 paycheck contribution)

  • Amazon Gift Card $68.51 (Christmas gift and Rewards)

  • Amazon MP3 Credits ($4.00 from surveys and twitter links)

  • Emergency Fund Savings $950.00 (Goal by end of 2013 $2500.00)

I have almost achieved my goal of accruing 1000 shopkicks per month. The greatest increase has been in my emergency savings account, I have been working very hard to take my lunch to work and to have a few "NO SPEND DAYS" each week. It's still very much a work in progress, but nonetheless it is very rewarding to have a few outlets of income.

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