February 12, 2013

Mint (Budget Tool & App)

A couple of months ago, I discovered Mint.com. It has really helped to keep me on track with my budgeting and kept me accountable. It is very user friendly especially for novices like myself, but the best part is that everything is simple to understand. If you’re not familiar with Mint.com, it’s is a great, free website that helps you manage your money. There is also an fantastic free app you can download. 
You can enter your budget, it shows how much you are spending and warns you if you are about to over spend. 
You can categorize every purchase, then it breaks down your spending so you can see exactly where your money is going. 
It creates a beautiful pie chart (for those who love to see numbers in picture form!) to show what percentage of your money is going where. 
The app lets you see how much is in your account and how much you’ve spent from your budget. 
When you enter your budget, it shows what the national average is for spending in that category (which is so interesting, and exciting when you see you’re spending a lot less than everyone else!)

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