September 16, 2013

Weekly Shopping Trip 9/16/13

Another great week of deals. All told, we spent $45.46 out of pocket and saved $234.19

We happened across a mega clearance sale at Kmart and scored some shoes for $4.98 and shorts for $10.98.

At CVS we picked up some dish liquid, soda, snickers and deodorant for a total of $9.54.

And finally we stepped over to Aeropostale and got (4) sweat pants for $4.99 each.

Not a bad weekend for deals!


  1. Wow you did awesome this week!! I have been thinking about creating a mini stockpile. A family member just gave me a HUGE folder full of coupon inserts. I need to get to clipping and planning.

  2. Thanks Alexa, each week we're trying to increase our shopping while decreasing our spending. I'm glad to hear that you have a bunch of coupons to get you started. Having a stockpile is so important especially for you and your little ones.