September 09, 2013

Bad customer service experience...

This past weekend, my husband and I spent time with his little sisters, we had the whole day planned for fun and a bit of shopping. We were going to ‘walk the mall’ and window shop for Christmas gift ideas (unbeknownst to them) and if we found something inexpensive we planned to treat them to a blouse or an outfit each.

We stopped by one of their favorite stores and were excited when we found sweat pants with the stores logo down the left pant leg. They were priced very reasonably at $4.99. As we approached the check out counter, the manager on duty advised that the price was $15.99 for one pair and $7.99 for the other pair. I expressed my confusion and I informed her that the price is marked at $4.99 each for the entire rack of sweat pants.

I walked over to show her and she stated that it was incorrect and that the price tag would reflect a sale price if there was any. I expressed my concerns that if there is a product with multiple colors all on one rack with the sale price clearly marked above it that means that the price is as indicated. No where did it say “as marked” as she explained.

I was frustrated to say the least. My husband inquired for a customer service or corporate phone number to which she obliged and provided. I then immediately walked back over to the rack and took a photograph of the product with the pricing clearly reflected. The moment I took the photo, the price card was then removed. I called customer service (answering machine) and left a message.

I then called another store and requested the name and phone number of the district manager. The associate advised me of his name and further advised that she could not provide the phone number but that she would take my information and relay it to him for a return call.

I was disappointed by the manager’s unwillingness to honor the set price, what ever happened to customer service? What ever happened to the “customer is always right”? I did not ask for anything more than what was advertised in store.

How have you handle poor customer service?

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  1. I hate bad customer service but sadly I am used to it. I think the whole reason they put unclear prices on clearance racks is to sucker people into buying more expensive items. Hopefully something good will come of it for you though.