September 17, 2013

A great way to shop...

As far as I can remember, Layaway has always been a wonderful resource for my family when I was growing up. That of course translated into adulthood as it has been a lifesaver. Now with the holidays ramping up, and the restart of Walmarts Layaway program from 9/13 through 12/13/2013, it got me to wondering if there were many folks still using this great method of purchasing.

With Kmart, not only do I get to put the items I want on layaway for $5 with the flexibility of paying over three months, I also earn points when I use my Shop your way rewards card each time I make a payment, and I earn Plink points. I absolutely can not find a reason to live without such a great program.

Growing up in Chicago in the 80’s, my parents relied heavily on layaway from different stores for myself and sister’s school clothes. It was great to know that the kids in my class also boasted about their wardrobe with the help of layaway. As I reached high school, there was a stigma attached to it and I often found myself among the ranks of the unpopular. Now wiser and carefree about what it takes to survive, I find that there is no shame is using such a practical and useful service.

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