September 25, 2013

I heart Shop your way rewards...

A week ago I shared our story about utilizing Kmart’s layaway service, and I’ve discussed how we receive free Kmart bucks via their Shop your way rewards program. In the past two months, we have unexpectedly earned $51 dollars to spend on anything in store.

We decided to purchase necessities such as toiletries and cleaning supplies, but on one occasion, we splurged on a new pair of tennis shoes for my husband that we matched with an in store $5 off coupon.

I normally did not shop at Kmart because of the distance, but located one close to my job. Each week if we receive more free Kmart bucks, my husband and I meet for dinner then head off to Kmart to grab our freebies. I signed up for Shop your way rewards 2 years ago and have seen great rewards as a result. I recently downloaded their app which also allows me to add instant & exclusive coupons that can also be used for layaway.

I also enjoy using my rewards card at Sears to earn points and to get a freebie or two. All told, the benefits of shopping at Kmart have become much more enticing then shopping at my local Walmart.

Which rewards programs are your favorites?

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