August 28, 2013

The benefits of loyalty...

Earlier this week, I share my story of how I received a $25 Lane Bryant gift card and walked out with $216.75 worth of merchandise.  No, I did not steal it, LOL. I feel very strongly about saving money for every purchase I make, no matter what store I am at. If I frequently shop at a store, I’d like to reap the benefits of sales, coupons and freebies. That’s why I sign up for loyalty programs wherever I go.

Had I not signed up for Lane Bryant after making my purchase last month, I would never have been able to buy the three outfits I did last week without the gift card they sent me. I’ve benefited greatly from signing up for these programs, I mean, who doesn’t want to save 10-35% off their purchase?

I have set up my personal email with a folder devoted to coupons from all of the loyalty programs I’ve signed up for. Since January, when I began tracking my savings, I have saved $2,016.00.  That is an amazing savings! I was been able to use the money I’ve saved on bills and a down payment on my car. I’m not saying that you should sign up for every program out there, but at least to those that you shop at often. There’s no harm in saving your hard earned money.

Sure it may be annoying to receive a bunch of emails that appear to clog your inbox, but I’ll take annoying any day of the week in order to save money.

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