August 25, 2013

Holiday Spending...

Each year I have been fortunate enough to be able to take the week of Thanksgiving off for my vacation and this year is no exception. Last year, my Husband and I, along with his cousin and her boyfriend met at Boston Market for dinner and went straight to Walmart. We camped out inside the store for 12 hours in different departments. We were armed with our cell phones, comfy clothes and sensible shoes.

In total, I spent $0.00. I had no money to spend L. My husband’s cousin spent $700.00 on various gifts for her son and her boyfriend and other members of her family. I thought to myself, I’d like to be able to get in on the awesome Black Friday deals, but I did not budget my money wisely, so we missed out.

Again, this year I plan on spending $0.00. But the big difference is that I will still be able to snag some of those great deals. How you ask? I will be using my gift cards that I have worked hard on earning since January 2013. Previously, I’ve shared how I use rewards programs such as Plink, Swagbucks and Shopkicks. Thankfully, I have so far earned a combined total of $410.00. The best part is, I have not done anything different. All that changed was that I signed up for Plink and continued to make the same everyday purchases I normally would. I use Swagbucks as my permanent search engine and each time I go shopping I use Shopkicks to scan the items on the list for points.

It was so easy to earn points just by using my debit card as normal, using the same computer daily and using my smart phone for scanning products while I was already in the store. When ever someone asks me how I am able to afford to shop without spending my own money, they’re still a bit skeptical. I truly understand, because I was brought up to believe that you don’t get something for nothing. Truth is, you just have to do your normal tasks, sign up for the programs and earn as you go.

I hope by November I will be able to reach my goal of $550.00, but even if I do not, God has already blessed us with so much.

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