March 08, 2013

Short term goals revisited

March has been off to a great start! I hope the momentum will remain strong. 

March Short terms goals:

  • Read (3) E-books per month (Just got the Kindle Edition of the Hunger games trilogy $5 via Amazon)
  • Obtain 500-1000 Shopkicks per month (200 collected so far)
  • Obtain 1500 Plink points per month (750 points so far)
  • Obtain 510 Swagbucks per month (280 so far)
  • Car Maintenance (Tune up, Oil Change etc. were completed courtesy of my husband at a cost of $31.89)
  • Donate clothing to Salvation Army (I’ll be cleaning out the closet this weekend!)
  • Number of "NO SPEND DAYS" (8 planned)
I can not stress enough of the importance of setting short and long term goals, they are easy to accomplish if you remain motivated. Keep your eyes on the prize and watch your list get smaller and smaller. Soon, it won't even feel like a "I have to" task, but rather "I want to". 

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