March 22, 2013

End of week totals...

I'm finally catching up on the numbers for the past two weeks, there have been a few challenges, but nonetheless here is how I fared. 

  • Plink 6,100 points ($60 gift card)

  • Health Savings Account $120.00 ($10 weekly contribution)

  • Inbox Dollars $22.50 (via Check)

  • Swagbucks 3,977 points ($40 gift card)

  • Panda Research $23.15 (via Paypal)

  • Shopkicks 8,056 points ($30 gift card)

  • Emergency Fund $1186.00
The side income has been very productive recently.
After a few referrals on Plink, I have accrued more points then I anticipated, making it a very nice source of side income by way of gift cards. I hope to see more growth with Shopkicks as we are only 8 months away from the Holiday shopping season.  

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