March 07, 2013

Amazon Filler=Free Shipping?

I really do not like to pay for shipping, but sometimes it is beyond my control. However, with Amazon Filler, I have been able to save tons on shipping costs. It always seems like I miss the $25 dollar threshold for Free Super Saver Shipping. So they developed "Amazon Filler". A site that allows you to type in the sum that you need to make up the difference in order to get Free Shipping.  

For example, my order total is $19.28, I still would need to purchase an item for $5.72 or more in order to get Free Shipping. With Amazon Filler, I simply type in the sum difference of $5.72 and it will generate a list of items that meet that amount that I can select from to purchase. 

You may think to yourself that is counterproductive and normally I would agree, but I've discovered that at times the cost of shipping with Amazon (even for UPS ground) is more expensive than it would be if I had added the filler item to get Free Shipping. It's definitely worth the savings for me, I wish I had known about it sooner. 

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