July 29, 2013

New favorite app...

Recently, while watching the 5am news, I came across a story about a new App called “Locket”. It’s currently in Beta testing mode for those whom do not mind being guinea pigs.

It’s an App that sends advertisements to your smart phone locked screen.  When you close your phone and re-open when needed, an ad pops up for a product, movie or service. You can chose to open it or to ignore it, either way you get paid. Each ad is worth .01 cent and is payable through Paypal. Believe me, those pennies add up quickly. After you reach $10, you can cash out.

I decided to try it out and have been pleased with the App, I’ve racked up $2.53 since last Monday. It does take patience and if you don’t mind reading or ignoring the advertisements, it’s nice to make easy money.

Click on the link to give it try, you might like it.

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