July 04, 2013

Why I love USAA Bank...

For the past 5 years I have banked with USAA Bank, it was a big decision to change from a small town Credit Union to a major bank, one that I did not take lightly. After 5 years, it has been one of the best financial decisions I’ve made in my adult life. I’ve saved so much money by banking with them, tangible savings.

Aside from Free Checking & Savings, I love the ATM reimbursement fee feature, up to $15.00 per month. Online banking is another wonderful tool that saves me money on stamps, envelopes and travel time/gas to the post office. Not to mention, I enjoy having an instant record of payments to our bills.

The mobile app is another great tool for our needs, it’s far easier to make a transfer via the app rather than having to call into customer service or logging on by desktop. The mobile app allows you all the same features as the full website.

Text Messages is one of my favorite features that USAA offers. When I’m really on the go, all I have to do is text “BAL” and seconds later I get the balance of my accounts. Not to mention, each week on payday I receive a text indicating my direct deposit has posted and the amount.

Just this week, they launched a redesigned web page that offers great services such as “Goals” that helps you track your emergency fund, Christmas fund etc. They also have a tab that allows you to track your spending habits to get a better idea of where your money is going and tips on how to maximize your money.

Last year I overdrew my account by $6.09 from a rogue debit transaction that did not post until a month later. I was hit with a $29 fee. I immediately called customer service and spoke to a representative to explain the matter in hopes of getting the fee reversed. The representative that answered researched my account and determined that there was a glitch in the transmission of the charge from the merchant and he graciously reversed the fee. He went on to explain that each year there is one “Courtesy Reversal” for each member. He then told me that the reversal he conducted for me did not affect my account and it did not count as my “Courtesy Reversal” since it was the merchant’s error.

There have been other occasions in which I have had to call customer service for various reasons, and each time I have been met with a courteous representative. Five years later, I’m still so glad that I bank with USAA.

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