July 29, 2013

CVS Shopping Trip 7/28/13

This weekend’s shopping trip yielded great savings at CVS. Our shopping trips worked out far better than I had hoped. We were able to rack up on Herbel Essences shampoo & conditioner. CVS had a great deal to match the BOGO coupon from P&G this weekend. The sale was 2 for $4, after the coupon, each bottle came out to .75 cents a piece.

In addition we received $8 in ECB’s and just today we received four more $3 ECB emails for a total of $12 for being a loyal CVS customer. In total, after ECB’s our total for all our shopping trips came to $2.87.

We still have lots of shopping to do, but to ensure that others get to reap the same deals, we will wait until the end of the week to finish our shopping. I feel very strongly about leaving products on the shelves for others, it is not fair to clear shelves!!! Hoarding is very different from moderate stockpiling. I believe in being prepared, not hogging everything up.

I firmly believe that the Lord is allowing us to stockpile these products in preparation to help others in need. He has graciously made it possible for us to help our church family as well as our immediate families. But if the opportunity presented itself to assist a stranger, we are happy to be an instrument of God’s love.

Happy Shopping!

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