July 08, 2013

Curve Balls...

Here we are, the second week of July and another curve ball was thrown. While heading to town to go donate blood, a rock hit the rear window of the new car and caused it to shatter. It was rather scary since we were driving down the road at 50 mph, it sounded like we were being shot at. Thankfully we were able to safely pull over and were not far from home.

As my husband was working on taking photos and cleaning out the glass, I sprang into action and started calling around for pricing. Since it is the back window to the hatch door, it is not covered by the “Free replacement” comprehensive coverage rule in Florida. It was going to cost us out of pocket, and since it was less than our $500 deductible, it would come from the Emergency Fund. My main goal of course was to replace the window as inexpensively as possible so as to not drain the account, especially since it has taken a lot of hits in the past month and a half.

I began by calling AAA, I also checked Angie’s List, I even called friends for referrals. In total, I ended up calling well over 40 different businesses and the majority wanted to charge $350 and up. I asked for every discount under the Sun and finally managed to score a great deal with a warranty.

The window as you can see in the photo is “Privacy tinted”, which means that the replacement would also need to be. (In Florida, it is a MUST!!!). After asking all the right questions and being patient in calling around, our total came to $180.39.

Everyday, I am reminded of the importance of having an Emergency Fund, but more so the importance of trusting God for the resources to be able to handle the curve balls as they come. In total, we saved $170.00, that is something to be excited about.

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  1. Good for you to have the patience to call around until you got that good deal! I probably would have been discourage after a few calls. This is a great reminder of why an Emergency Fund is so important!