July 23, 2013


Recently I’ve taken the opportunity of working overtime at my job which has allowed me to pay bills a little quicker than I anticipated. It’s not every day that I get the chance for a little extra money at work, so I’m grateful when it comes along. I’ve also been doing a lot of shopping at CVS as of late, and have noticed a decent savings when using my loyalty card with manufacturer coupons and the 15-30% off coupons they email me each week.

I’ve come to understand that it’s all about timing in maximizing the greatest savings. I don’t mind hanging on to a coupon for a few months if it means that I can score a large discount. I’ve learned the sales cycles and feel confident in my ability to get what we need when we need it and build a small stockpile for our needs.

Just this week, we unexpectedly received two $3 ECB’s from CVS for no reason at all, other than being a loyal customer. It brought a smile to my face because finances have been a bit of a struggle for June & July and there are some pretty great deals that I’d like to take advantage of but don’t really have the cash to buy them.

For my household, the coupons that have come in the Sundaypapers lately have not been very useful to me, so it has reduced my ability to increase our stockpile. Coupled with the recent changes in our lives when it comes to my Husband’s job status, the new car, the window replacement, Zoe’s emergency vet bill, it has taken a toll. I’ve allowed the enemy to overwhelm and affect my attitude and demeanor. I’ve been a Bear to deal with, I’ve lost my Mojo and I’m just crabby as my Husband so eloquently put it.

I realized it’s all my fault. I am my own problem. My relationship with Christ has suffered because I’ve allowed distractions, I've entertained lies from the enemy. I’ve not been praying as I should. So when I say it’s all my fault, it’s not for sympathy, it’s just the plain truth.

I’d like to believe that I can get all this behind me, but nothing will go “my way” until I get back to basics and spend time with God. The bottom line is, the conditions for a miracle is difficulty, the conditions for a great miracle is impossibility. Since I know that with God nothing is impossible, I will expect a great miracle from my Father who loves me in spite of me.


  1. I really enjoy reading your posts and love the fact that you talk about going back and spending time with God. I have been really trying to work on my faith. I have started to go to church again and am praying a lot. I already feel a big difference in my life. I feel more content.

  2. Thank you. I find that spending time with God is the only way I can make it. Be encouraged by your desire to seek Him more, that it a testimony in itself.