October 31, 2013

Fuel Rewards and beyond...

Last year I signed up for a promotion from Shell Gas/Circle K stores. They handed me a card and I put it in my purse and forgot about it.
This year I started using Plink, the offline rewards program that earns gift cards for different merchants (i.e. dining, gas, clothes). Well, I just learned that I could link my Fuel Rewards Network card to my debit card since Plink now offers Circle K/Shell Gas as one of their featured companies. I was also able to link my Winn Dixie card and Kmart Shop your way rewards card.

Each time I make a purchase, I earn Plink Points, I earn fuel points and I earn cents off of my fuel purchase. When I use my “FRN” card, I’m making money and saving money at the same time. My husband and I each have our own card tailored to our own debit cards so that we can rack up double the points and double the savings. I saved .03 cents per gallon yesterday just for signing up.

You can order your card online at Fuelrewards.com or stop by your local Shell/Circle K gas stations and start earning/saving money. They also have a handy app for Android and Apple phones.

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