October 17, 2013

Life Updates...

There hasn’t been much going on in my world, just about everything has been status quo. I did have a medical emergency this past week, but by the Grace of God, I am feeling 70-30. Work has been good, family life is peaceful and the bills are paid. Each week is a day closer to my 9 day vacation in November (woohoo, I can not wait). Overtime opportunities have been available and I have been taking them as they come. The cats are healthy, our cars have been serviced this month and we’ve even been able to fit in a couple of date nights too.

As the holidays approach, nostalgia steps in and I am immediately taken back to my youth. Usually at this time of year, I get pretty home sick. Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. I have so many wonderful memories from childhood that still resonate with me today. My Father surprised me this week when he announced he will be cooking a Thanksgiving meal, the first in 5 years. It brought such a rush of joy to hear him say that.

This month we received quite a surprise. My Father in law came to visit us (This was very unexpected). We spent some great quality time with him and my husband was thrilled to see him for the first time in 8 years. This was my first time meeting him, so I was quite nervous, but he and I clicked right away. We were very sad to see him go, but are hopeful he will return for the holidays.

Recently while on a shopping trip to Kmart, I witnessed some pretty horrible customer service. There was a customer in front of me whom disputed a price for a pair of boots. The cashier requested help from a supervisor whom decided that it wasn’t a high priority and used filthy language in front of children and adults. I was so disgusted at how she treated this customer so I called the customer complaint line. The next day the store manager contacted me and apologized profusely for the experience and asked that I meet him in person. A week later, I stopped by and met with him and after an insightful discussion and a heartfelt apology, he gave me a $10 gift card. I certainly did not expect or request anything in return, but it was a thoughtful surprise.

Like I said, life is pretty much about the same, but I am grateful for the mundane. Routine's for me feel great :)

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