November 01, 2013

End of week totals...

Here we are, another Friday has arrived and it's time for end of week totals... Let's see how I fared with generating side income.

  • Plink 26,000 points (equals $260 gift card)

  • Inbox Surveys $35.79 (Cash via Check)

  • Panda Surveys $49.20(Cash via Paypal)

  • Shopkicks 17,825 points (equals $60.00 gift card)

  • Swagbucks 5,900 points (equals $55.00 gift card)

  • Health Savings Account $104.00 ($10 paycheck contribution)
We've been working hard on ramping up our Plink & Shopkick points. I have the week of Thanksgiving off for my vacation and the week of Christmas off, so I plan on using these points to do some serious shopping. 


  1. Help! I am a Youth Pastor living in Alabama, and I would love to (and need to) be able to do what you are doing to collect all of these rewards, gift certificates, and cash. Do you have any pointers? What do I need to do to be this successful? Thank you!

  2. I'd first start out with determining your level of comfort with linking your debit or credit card to specific sites. Specifically, Plink! My husband and I use this rewards program and we were very hesitant at first, but we gave it a try and linked our cards. It was a smart choice for us, as we have been able to achieve $435 in gift cards this year alone between the two of us with this program. Swagbucks is another great program (search engine and more) that you do NOT have to link your card to. Just use it as you would Google and earn points for gift cards.
    Shopkicks is an app for Android and I-phone that allows you to scan products, walk into your favorite stores and make purchases for points. I hope this is a bit of help for you to get you started. I suspect you will be racking up points in no time for the Ministry.

    P.S. All it takes to be successful is a bit of patience and perseverance. Just be sure to keep track of your points.