October 18, 2013

Things to do while watching the tube...

Enter Points into Your Accounts

Many of my co-workers drink cokes, as does my Father. Fortunately for us, they save their bottle caps for me each day. Because of their help over the past year, we have been able to score $50 in e-gift cards to various stores (Dominoe’s, Footlocker etc) by inputting the codes found on each plastic cap and in 24 pack boxes. I find that saving up a bunch of them and then inputting them a chunk at a time while doing something like watching TV makes it worthwhile. If you’re buying the products anyway, might as well rack up some points, right?

Get Your Drugstore Game List Ready

Have you tried out the CVS Drugstore Game yet? Our household has saved over $2,500 in the last two years by doing so. TV time is a perfect time to sign onto your favorite blogs for free match-ups of specific coupons and sales for the week.

Take Online Surveys and Read Emails for Extra Income

During our goal of paying cash for our purchases with extra income earned on the side, I racked up $41.00 my reading my daily emails. Since joining Inbox Dollars and Panda Research in January 2010, I have cashed in thousands of points for gift cards. To save time and energy and earn as many points as possible, once a week while watching television, do a search in your email inbox of “Inbox Dollars” or whatever program you sign up for in order to stack that weeks’ worth of point-earning opportunities one after the other. Then zip down the line of emails. When I was using Panda Research heavily, there were usually 3-8 emails to go through. I would read the email, click the link, then delete the email and move down to the next one using the arrow buttons. Half of the offers are points just for reading the email and clicking on a link.

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  1. I don't watch much TV but I used to try and multitask when I did. I'd have the computer in hand and try to read while I watched.