May 02, 2013


As you may recall, in March, my husband found out that his store would be closing, which would mean that he would be out of work. You may also recall I said that I wasn’t worried about the surprising news because I felt that God had it all under control. This week he was hired on with a great company and received his highest earning job ever.

That got me to thinking, why am I so content with making the wage I make even though we struggle? At 33 years of age, I realized it wasn’t a competition for me to care about keeping up with the Joneses. I enjoy saving money, I enjoy my job, I enjoy couponing and though I may not see a high financial yield in it, the happiness I feel in return brings me joy.

I’m so proud of my husband and I know he is very excited to begin his new career. One of the great benefits has been the location, his new job is down the street from mine and we have almost similar hours. That works out great since we are a one car family. The Lord gave us better than we could have asked for. I love how the Father continues to blow my mind!

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